The Communications Ministry provides effective communications designed to inform and inspire Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) members, guests and community. We use various methods of communications and technology platforms to expose the works of FBC ministries and the church as a whole. We strive to encourage members and non-members, believers and non-believers to become engaged, get connected and be followers of Jesus Christ.


To develop and maintain quality and effective web site supporting the church’s mission and ministry purpose.  Allow Friendship Baptist Church to be more visible and accessible for anyone seeking Salvation.  Make relevant information available in a timely manner and allow everyone to be informed and seek the web site for information.

Develop and publish quality and effective newsletters supporting the church’s mission and ministry purpose.   Provide timely reporting on the great works happening around the FBC campus and through FBC Ministries.  In addition to what may have already happened, make people aware of what may be coming.   Excite people to want to participate and be part of these kingdom building activities.

Maintain church monitors with timely, relevant information supporting the church’s mission and ministry purpose. Create spiritual based presentation material for display throughout FBC worship services and enhance the service experience through visual communication.

Photograph church events supporting the church’s mission and ministry purpose.  Provide support for other photography needs. Collaborate with other Friendship Baptist Church ministries and leadership to support the church’s mission and ministry purpose.



Friendship Baptist Church Web Site, Webmaster, Web Content, Web Maintenance,  Church Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief, Reporters, Photographers, Editors, Publishers, Church Display Monitors, Display Monitors Chairperson, Presentation Designers, Monitor Operators, Display Monitor Staff

If God is calling you to work in this area of Ministry, contact the Communications Ministry.


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Louie Malone



Terrill Tarver
Vice President