Sunday School

Purpose: To provide a learning opportunity for students of all ages, where attendees are challenged to a deeper inspection of the God’s Holy Word. Our Sunday School Ministry is staffed with qualified, trained teachers and facilitators and, as Paul described in 1Cor 4:1 (New American Standard Bible), ” We firmly believe that we are servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.”

Objective: To engage our members in a study of the lesson on Sundays, while also encouraging them to deeper study of the Word throughout the week.

Meeting times, times/days of operation: The FBC Sunday School meets each Sunday morning from 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM. Sunday School facilitators/teachers meet each week on Wednesday nights 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM to engage in a study of the weekly lesson, and to ensure that there is common understanding, and therefore, consistent teaching of the weekly lesson.

Sunday School Education

The FBC Sunday School Ministry offers a diverse set of classes for all ages:

Youth Classes – our youth classes are staffed by teachers who have a genuine love for young people and a gift for teaching youth at an age-appropriate level. Our youth classes are:

Nursery – Ages 3 months to 2 years old.
Beginners – Ages 3 – 4 years old

Primary – Kindergarten to 2nd grade
Juniors – 3rd, 4th, and 5 graders
Jesus and Me (a.k.a. “JAM”) – Middle School grades

In TeenHigh School grades

Adult Classes – We offer multiple curricula for adults, all of which are taught by teachers qualified to “rightly divide the Word of Truth,” the subject matter.

“Traditional” Classes

ConnectPost-High School. This class was developed to address the specific needs of the Post-High school students, who are making many life transitions, with a goal of increasing their faith and reliance on God as they move into adulthood.

IgnitePost-College Age (24-40). This class focuses on adults who are Post-College Age who are establishing a firm foundation in the Lord, and are earnestly seeking to understand God’s will for their lives alongside others in their age group.

Women’s Class – This class is designed for Women of all ages, who desire to abide in the Lord and learn of Him through personal study, as well as the collective experiences of other women.

Men’s Class – this class is designed for Men of all ages, who, like the Women, want to abide in the Lord, drawing ever closer to Him, through personal study, and the dialogue with other, like-minded men.

“Specialty” Classes

New Members’ Class – This class orientates new members to our church and our church ministries. This class also ensures that all new members have a basic understanding of the principles of salvation and introduces new members to our Sunday School class options, to ensure they transition to a Sunday School class.

Survival Kit – This class explores basic biblical principles, but in great depth. Attendees in this class often start with the intent to transition shortly to another class, but find themselves staying much longer than planned, because of the unique learning experience this class offers.

Basic Bible Study – This class reviews various biblical topics and series, increasing the knowledge of the Word of God.

Marriage Ministry – this is a must-attend class for couples, couples-to-be, or those interested in learning more about God’s plan for marriage. Taught by our Deacon Board Chairman and his wife, and fully rooted in the Word of God, this class is taught in a forum that is open and candid, answering many of the questions and concerns that marriages of all lengths face.

Primary Contacts:

Geneva Crownhart

Geneva Crownhart


Dorian Rogers
Assistant Superintendent